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Christian Kieso is a Licensed Forensic Psychophysiologist (Polygraph Examiner) and Credibility Assessment Professional trained in the art and science of the detection of deception. He adheres to the professional guidelines set forth by the American Polygraph Association and the American Association of Police Polygraphists.

To ensure quality, accuracy, and reliability, Christian utilizes validated techniques along with the latest technological advances in computerized Polygraph instrumentation. All examinations are administered in a thorough, comprehensive, and confidential manner. Christian earned a certificate of Advanced and Specialized Training and has completed advanced training in Forensic Assessment Interviewing and Integrated Interrogation Technique.

Christian Kieso, South Dakota Polygraph

Christian Kieso, Licensed Polygraph Examiner, Sioux Falls, South Dakota


  • Bachelor of Science- Psychology- Northern State University- Aberdeen, South Dakota
  • Certified Forensic Psychophysiologist- Academy for Scientific Investigative Training- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Certified Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) Examiner-American Polygraph Association
  • Certificate of Advanced and Specialized Training-PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center-American Polygraph Association
  • More than 4,400 Polygraph examinations administered
  • More than 20 years professional experience working with Corrections, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Mental Health

  • Advanced training-Forensic Assessment Interview Technique, Integrated Interrogation Technique, and Forensic Statement Analysis
  • Advanced Polygraph Seminar- Certificate of completion-Sexual Offender Testing and Monitoring
  • Annual Continuing Education on the most recent Best Practices, Validated Techniques, Scoring, and Instrumentation
  • Consultation services for Attorneys, Department of Corrections, private citizens, employers and numerous other clients


  • Full Member- American Polygraph Association
  • Active Member- American Association of Police Polygraphists


  • South Dakota-License #140
  • Nebraska-License #1154
  • Iowa Agency License #1559, Private Investigator License #4461
  • Alaska-License #950170
  • Minnesota-(Certified)
  • Kansas-(Certified)
  • Missouri-(Certified)
  • Wyoming-(Certified)

    A Polygraph examination; when administered by a well-trained, competent examiner, is a scientific procedure that has been shown through research to be the most accurate, valid, and reliable means of verifying the truth and detecting deception.

    Christian provides professional services to law enforcement agencies; to criminal and civil attorneys; to court service officers, parole agents, and treatment providers involved in the supervision, treatment, and management of post-convicted sexual and domestic violence offenders; to local businesses and corporations; and to private individuals or therapists involved in family, domestic, sexual addiction, and fidelity issues.

    Since 2006, Christian has provided Polygraph examinations throughout South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, the surrounding states, and Alaska. Additionally, Christian is a qualified consultant providing educational training on the use of Polygraph examinations.

    When Truth, Credibility, and Integrity are important, contact Kieso Polygraph Services